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First class is always free.

About Our Classes:

All of our classes utilise HIIT training methodology ("high intensity interval training"). HIIT has been shown to be one of the best training methods for increasing fitness, burning fat and building strength all in one.

Classes are performed with a combination of individual and circuit workouts which can often be in pairs or as a whole team.

Every class is different! Some classes might have more bodyweight work, some might have more dumbbell or kettlebell work, we might have sled and cardio work with a run outside or a quick dash on the assault bike or rowing machine.


Concerned that it might be too hard?

We like to keep things tight-knit at WellFit, so we generally have around 8 people per class. This means that our Coach can spend time with each person during the workout, and help with adjustments of exercises and help you work at your own best level. 


A typical class with look like this:

1 - Warm up – Get the blood pumping and joints & muscles ready for what is to come.

2 - Main Workout - This can be anywhere from 20-30mins of work

3 - Finisher (bring the last of the intensity)

4 - Stretches at the end to loosen up and help you recover for the next session


If you have any questions about our classes, send us a message on Facebook.