Owner & Personal Trainer

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSC)

Diploma & Certificate in Applied Sport and Exercise Science (DipAppSEL)

NZ Certificate in Business (Level 3)

Following 7 years of working and studying in the fitness industry, Tom has extensive experience and is passionate about improving your health through exercise and lifestyle changes.


Tom was inspired to create WellFit by his clients. He understands that your needs are individual, and will use this as a guide to creating a sustainable pathway in improving your fitness and wellbeing. 

Tom enjoys coaching his clients with the philosophy of moving well, safely and efficiently. He believes this to be the foundation in building your WellFit journey.



Personal Trainer

Diploma in Exercise Science (Level 6)

Certificate in Exercise Science (Level 5)

Ricky has been working in the fitness industry for 10 years.


He is passionate about health and fitness and believes in creating a strong foundation for your body to perform at its best. He does this by focusing on key resistance training exercises and movements that suit your individual needs.


Creating a solid base for consistent improvement is key for not only short term but long term results.