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Your Journey Is Our Mission


Open 7 Days: 5am-10pm


Welcome to WellFit Studio

Goal Setting

Your journey is our mission. We are here for you to create a more fulfilling and balanced life


Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or simply stay motivated, we will tailor a coaching plan for you


Power towards your goals faster with field proven, results-driven, state-of-the-art exercise facilities

Group Fitness

Leverage the power of our community and have fun while you work out and get fitter faster

I never thought I needed a PT until I started working with Tom. I achieved significant results and set new PB's. Tom's enthusiasm, knowledge and inspiration had me racing out of work to make our sessions!

Carla Russell

Having been injured after a fall, I joined WellFit to help me recover. It was the best decision. Ricky is my coach and under his guidance I am gaining strength and confidence. I take no medication whatsoever, and recent blood tests are perfect.

Linda Bone

I enjoy how Tom is very creative and can think outside the box. He always gives 110% and expects the same from me to get the best results possible. He has helped me perfect my form and smash my goals.

Matthew Nathanson



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